We Have A Surprise!

You think you’re surprised? Imagine our reaction!

It’s been a wild few weeks since finding out that we are expecting another little peanut. I’ve been MIA because every time my fingers hit the keyboard I’d want to blurt out my secret. Agony!!

So this whole thing is wild and scary and exciting and many.many.many emotions. We are in such a busy stage in our lives with Hunter working 14 hour days, myself working full-time and starting school back this month full-time, raising a toddler, etc. One of my favorite Jim Gaffigan bits is when he says that having 5 kids feels like you’re drowning, and then somebody hands you a baby. That’s a little bit like what this felt like. But above all else, even if timing wasn’t “ideal” (is there really ever an ideal time to put your life on hold for 9 months while you grow a human and then spend the next 18 years making sure it’s fed?) I am stoked to go through this life cycle again.

We still have a way to go before we can know if our little peanut is a BOY or a GIRL. Many people know that since having Avery I’d been saying I hope my (hypothetical) second child is a boy because my son has made me such a “boy mom”, but that is kind of out the window now. I would be way stoked if we’re team pink this go-around. That being said, the idea of BROTHERS makes my heart swell too. I honestly can’t be disappointed either way.

As I write this, I’m somewhere between 6 and 7 weeks. I’ll have a dating ultrasound next week to confirm my estimated due date, but right now it’s looking like April 2nd which is ironically the 3-year-anniversary of my and Hunter’s first date.

I am really excited to be able to publicly track this journey via my blog, thank you for joining me!


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