You’re Having A Girl

“You’re having a girl!”

Those are 4 words that I had expected to hear nearly 4 years ago during Avery’s ultrasound. I’ll never forget the shock when I was told “boy” instead.

But God had a plan, and although I may not have understood it then, His picture is coming together so much clearer now.

After giving me the son of my heart who has changed my world in every way imaginable, I didn’t have a clue what was in store for me this time. Would I be a mother of brothers? Would I get “one of each”? Emotionally I was surprisingly neutral. I saw the beauty in both, and I didn’t allow myself get too fixated on imagining life with either gender.

But a sleeping desire of my heart was stirred the moment the nurse told me. I’m having a girl. A baby sister for Avery – It still hasn’t sunk in. As I cried happy tears for the daughter I didn’t know that I’d ever have, a part of my heart still wondered if my son would ever have a brother.

Maybe one day.


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