Taco Tuesday

When it comes to dining out, I’ve recently fallen victim to complacency in a major way. We have our Dallas go-to’s – great pizza? Cane Rosso or Pie Tap. A fresh submarine sandwich? The Great Outdoors. And tacos – oh, the beloved tacos – Torchy’s has been our go-to for years now (if you ever find yourself in Texas, Oklahoma, or Colorado, this place is a must-try.)

And if you know anything about Texas (or about me and Hunter), it’s that we LOVE our tacos, so fast-casual restaurants with limitless taco options can be found in every major Texas city. Needless to say, my interest was piqued when everyone I knew began talking about how amazing TacoDeli is (an Austin, TX native that just recently made its way to Dallas). What made it stand out from the rest, and could it compare to my one-love Torchy’s? I had to find out for myself, so on Saturday we decided to hit up the local TacoDeli.


Turns out we weren’t the only ones with that plan, as we waited in line for 25 minutes just to get to the counter, which seemed like a sign that the place is pretty good, but also caused us to get a little hangry.

I was THRILLED to see their expansive vegetarian menu… there were more options than I’m ever used to having when going out to eat. +1 for TacoDeli.


The queso, while delicious, was slightly runny which made it difficult to eat. Despite this, the flavor was right on point. +1


Their soft drinks were Maine Root, which is the same brand of soda that Torchy’s has and one that I’m kind of obsessed with (it was cheat day, so). +5

While I dug in too fast to get a picture of my own food (see above: hangry), I managed to catch a picture of Hunter’s.


So how did it match up? My tacos were so.so.so good. While I don’t know that I can say the food is better than Torchy’s, it is definitely a solid substitute and can hold the place of co-favorite Dallas taco joint. Hunter enjoyed his tacos but still prefers Torchy’s, and Avery ate every bite so I’d say he was a fan.

Then there was AC, who was clearly drooling over all of the food that she couldn’t have.



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